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they brought down the price of my house, the thieving gypsy bastards

uk opposition leader michael 'loceeel peopeeel' howard
has realised that new labour has stolen all the conservatives
'centre ground' policies and the only way he's
going to win any more votes is to move even more to the right
and ape our glorious right wing tabloids
who love to panda to and reinforce the public's petty ignorance.

people who like to live in caravans don't deserve any human rights.
just like 'so called' asylum seekers...

i'm so proud to be british...

on a brighter note tv chef and professional geezer
jamie oliver's excellent tv show 'jamie's school dinners'
has actually caused some action on the scandal that is epitomised by the fact
that the average amount spent on a childs school dinner in the uk is

schools that have taken up oliver's challenge to cook children a decent
meal at lunchtime are already reporting a marked improvement in behaviour and concentration.

way to go jamie.
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